DIY Gemstone Soap

DIY Gemstone Soap


colorants | essential oils | knife | disposable plastic cups

Mix together different colorant and and pour your color into a plastic cup. You’ll repeat this for each color you want to create.

Once your colorful soaps are done setting, take them out of their plastic cups.

Slice up your soaps into various shapes and sizes. Add the slices of colors into a mold, more to the bottom of the mold and making the pieces more sparse at the top. Make sure to use colors randomly in order to get really unique looks.

Melt a soap base and pour over the mould with the color slices.

Let it dry min 2 hours for soap to set. Peel your soaps out of their molds.

Using a knife, slowly cut facets into each soap bar to create a gemstone.

The remains you can use for another soap bar by following the same steps.


After you have created your gemstones, you can use the rest of the remaining soap by melting it and pouring into a mould.


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