DIY String Art for Valentine’s Day

String art kits are perfect DIY home decor project for your home. The unique and fun designs also make for the perfect handmade gift. The unique and fun designs also make for the perfect handmade gift. You can write a message on the board before nails, would be a unique Valentines gift!
· Wood Board
· Nails
· Twine String
· Base Paint
· Sponge
Instructions and patterns included. Hammer not included. 6 Pattern Designs included.

1. For a colored base, paint the panel with craft paint and let it dry before hammering the nails.On a piece of paper the same size as the wood, draw your template — or print one of ours. Tape the paper to your plaque.
2. Hammer nails through the paper and into the wood along the lines of the design. Leave about three quarters of each nail sticking up and try to have the nails all at the same height. Tear away the paper when you’re done.
3. Tie the end of a length of string to a nail and wrap from nail to nail. Finish by cutting the string and tying it to another nail.

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