DIY Concrete Pot Kit

Arterno DIY Concrete Pot Kit is easy to make set to create a beautiful planter, candle holder or jewellery, make up brushes holder. The benefit of our kit is that it makes just one perfect size small pot without extra mess. A little bit of greenery always brightens up a space and makes it more homely. Provide a home for your cactus or succulent with this Concrete Pot DIY Kit. You can mould the concrete to the shape you desire, and paint it to suit your tastes, or leave it unpainted for a more rustic look. The creative possibilities are endless, and plant lovers of all ages can get involved in creating their beautiful pots. They make the perfect presents, as they are customisable and uniquely designed by you. We will show you one of the creative approach to use the kit and would be happy to see your own creations!

Concrete Pot DIY Tutorial

Concrete Pot DIY Tutorial

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